Why ScalIT?


Create and maintain your own company cloud – without experiencing the big-business costs.

Share your files quickly and easily.

What is the cloud?When it comes to business networks, almost all businesses in today’s market require many of the same applications. Whether your business is large or small, these applications include e-mail, calendaring and resource scheduling, file sharing, document management, a website, collaboration software, a private communications network, customer relationship management (CRM), security, and backup. Most cloud solutions only satisfy some of these needs. Additional features require additional software and related costs.

ScalIT addresses all of your business needs in one solution.

Keep your costs manageable.

Businesses usually create a local area network (LAN) in order to provide necessary business solutions. A LAN requires a business to spend a lot of money to install and maintain the necessary hardware and software. Frequently, these costs are too high for a small business, and therefore they lose out on LAN functionality. Or, they skimp when building their LAN, opting not to include various services at the expense of security or efficiency. Costs involved with building a LAN include hardware (one or more servers, backup drives, switches and routers, gateway security devices, network wiring, and more), software (main operating system, individual server applications, including antivirus and backup applications, and client licenses), and the labor necessary to build and configure the network, frequently including configuring the local client machines.

With ScalIT, all your company needs is internet access to instantly have your own private cloud.

up with the latest technology.

Technology is always advancing. A LAN built today has a finite life expectancy. In addition to ongoing maintenance and upkeep, it’s reasonable to expect that the core hardware and software in a network will have to be replaced or updated every four to six years, as a cost commensurate with that of the initial buildout. This inhibits many small businesses from building a proper LAN and using technology to their fullest advantage.

ScalIT is continuously maintained and updated, all at no additional cost.

Grow your business with a system that grows with you.

Today’s economic environment has spurred an increase in new businesses. Although many of these businesses may have the capital necessary to succeed, they frequently don’t budget enough money for their information technology needs. Also, many startups consist of just a few people, making the cost to develop a proper LAN prohibitive.

ScalIT provides your business an affordable way to hit the ground running, while providing you the tools necessary to grow and succeed.

We back
up your backups.

It’s a fact: hardware eventually fails. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of business. With ScalIT, your files are safely and securely backed up daily. Then the backups are backed up. That means you should never have to worry about losing your important data.