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ScalIT email does not need a separate mail program in order to operate. You will find that the web interface provides a robust set of features, including many that are not available using popular mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail. Should you decide that you would like to connect one of these programs anyway, here are some basic directions on how to do so with some of the more popular email programs.

ScalIT IMAP Email with Outlook

ScalIT IMAP Email with Thunderbird

ScalIT IMAP Email with Apple Mail

File and Document Management

ScalIT allows you to create separate workspaces within its web interface to allow you to collaborate with different people on different projects, while still maintaining a central homepage to keep track of all of your projects. The Introductory Tutorial on File and Document Management should be read by all ScalIT users before they begin using the system, as it outlines the tools available to ScalIT users, and lays the foundation for a more productive experience.

ScalIT File and Document Management Tutorial

How to Map a Network Drive to your ScalIT Server

Contact Management (CRM)

The ScalIT Contact Management (also known as a Customer Relationship Management) application provides a robust set of tools to keep track of and nurture relationships with your customers and clients. It comes preconfigured with its email client tied to each user’s ScalIT email account. It is imperative to note: ScalIT email accounts are not to be used for mass email marketing campaigns. If you would like to conduct mass mailings or marketing campaigns, please contact us and make arrangements to set up an account to enable mass mailings or marketing campaigns that are acceptable under the Federal CAN-SPAM Act.

Private Communications Network

ScalIT provides your company with its own private communications network. You can use the included web based instant messenger application that ScalIT provides, or you can access your private communications network using most popular chat applications, such as iChat or Jitsi. Your ScalIT Communications Network supports features in addition to just chatting. It also supports audio and video conferencing, providing that your computer is equipped with a webcam, microphone, and the appropriate drivers for your equipment. It is important to note when trying to use IM applications to conduct an audio or video conferencing: the software you choose must be compatible with the software on all computers taking part in the chat. For example, iChat uses a proprietary protocol for voice and video that will only work with other Apple products (namely, iChat and Facetime). Jitsi, on the other hand, allows for full video, audio, and desktop sharing between Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux users. Also, communications will drop down to the lowest common available format, i.e. if one computer can’t support audio and video chatting, other users will only be able to text chat with that user, regardless of what equipment is on their own computer.

ScalIT Private Communications Network with Jitsi on Windows

ScalIT Private Communications Network with Apple iChat