ScalIT Private Communications Network

ScalIT Private Communications Network

ScalIT gives your company another valuable way to communicate: a private communications network available only to your company users.

Use your private communications network to interact instantly with others in your company.

Use the provided web interface to instantly chat with others in your company and to keep others in your company aware of your online status and availability. Better yet, your ScalIT private communications network, when combined with desktop applications like iChat and Jitsi, enables you to enjoy full video conferencing and desktop sharing with others in your company.  Keep in touch with others in your company in real time via chat/instant messaging, voice, and video conferencing – whatever you prefer. 

Compatible with what you know.

ScalIT uses the popular Jabber (XMPP) protocol for handling communications. This makes it work with most popular instant messaging applications, such as iChat and Jitsi. In fact, if your computer has a webcam, microphone, and compatible software, you can conduct online video conferences within your company.  Your private communications network is dedicated only to your company and its users.  Unlike other services, your communications always remain private.