ScalIT File and Document Management

Access your work from anywhere. Securely.

ScalIT provides industry leading file and document management software.

For any business, it is critical to be able to store and organize your documents. ScalIT File and Document Management does this, and much more. ScalIT makes it easy to control user access rights, encourage collaboration, and, most importantly, find what you are looking for.

Create collaborative workspaces.

The ScalIT File and Document Management application makes it simple to create new workspaces for any project or document category. Invite users from within your company, or from anywhere, to access your workspace. Give them the ability to only view what is being worked on, to be able to modify and create additional content, or even to be full workspace adminimistrators. You decide.

Each workspace offers a web portal to summarize what is happening in that workspace: who is has access to this workspace with you; what documents have been worked on recently, and by whom; what important dates affecting this workspace are on the horizon; and what has recently been added to the workspace blogs and wikis. Customize how each workspace looks and what features are available by simply dragging and dropping new features into place. You can even assigns tasks to other members of the workspace, and see how they are progressing on their tasks.

Enjoy a simple summary of all your various projects and workspaces.

Each ScalIT user gets there own User Dashboard that quickly summarizes all the workspaces they are members of. These individual User Dashboards can be customized, enabling each user to tailor their dashboard to what works best for them. From the dashboard, a user can see all tasks and documents that have been assigned to them from any of their workspaces. A user can also see updates to any of the content they have been editing and get a brief summary of all activities relating to them.

Find what your are looking for.

All documents uploaded into the ScalIT File and Document Management server are immediately indexed for content and file type. Not certain what the name of the document you are looking for is, or even which of your workspaces you saved it in? No problem. Simply type a few key words included in the document, and all relevant documents are listed for you, each with a thumbnail of what the first page looks like. Still not certain? Click one of the documents listed to get to a bigger preview with more details on the document, and a bigger preview of the document that you can scroll through the pages of without having to open the application associated with that file type.

Access your work from anywhere. Securely.

Because all of your files are stored in the cloud, you can access your files anywhere you have internet access. Use encryption built into your browser to create a secure connection to your company server. Rest easy, knowing that your valuable company information is scanned for viruses and backed up automatically on a regular basis. With ScalIT, you can concentrate on doing your work, not on the equipment, software, and maintenance required by a traditional business network.