ScalIT EMail and Collaboration

Do more than e-mail and calendaring.

ScalIT uses an industry leading email and collaboration suite to offer one of the most powerful email and calendaring cloud applications available today.

The ScalIT email and collaboration application features far more than your typical email. It has a full featured web client that enables you to access your email and calendar from any web browser. Even though it is web based, feel free to drag an email from one folder and drop it in another – it works like a program installed on your local computer!

Do more than email and calendaring.

The smart interface recognizes text in email. For example, an email that asks whether or not you would like to do lunch next Thursday creates a link on that text, enabling you to instantly see what your calendar is like at noon next Thursday, and offering to add an appointment for lunch at that time in your calendar. There are numerous similar tools: instantly see the address listed in the email on Yahoo Maps, or track a FedEx or UPS shipment. New features are being added all of the time!

Compatible with what you know.

ScalIT email is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Entourage, Apple Mail, Address Book, and iCal, and many other email and calendaring programs. Access it all from any mobile phone that has internet access – view emails, calendars, even contacts!