ScalIT Customer Relationship Management Tools

Customer Relationship Management tools

ScalIT services includes an award-winning Customer Relationship Management suite. This cloud application will help your company to understand, as well as to anticipate, your customer’s needs.

The ScalIT Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite offers valuable tools most businesses need, but all too often overlook.

Keep track of who you do business with.

The ScalIT CRM suite helps you keep track of company correspondence. With it, you can have a ready log of who in your company spoke with your customers, and when. Know how long has it been since someone reached out to a client you have not heard from in a while. Be reminded to follow up on important issues. All this is possible with ScalIT CRM.

Conduct sophisticated marketing campaigns.

With ScalIT CRM, it is easy to manage all your marketing campaigns. Learn what aspects of your campaigns are working, and where you might be wasting valuable time and resources.

Instantly review all your campaigns and opportunities.

Each user home page provides a quick summary of accounts, meetings, opportunities, and leads. An easily customizable user dashboard provides ScalIT users with graphical representations of what clients are most productive and what opportunities are in the pipeline, as well as many others. These charts can be drilled down through to immediately jump to the corresponding underlying data. ScalIT CRM allows your company to become more efficient at managing how it conducts business with those who are most important to you: your customers.