ScalIT Business Network Security

Focus on your work, not your network.

ScalIT gives businesses security peace of mind.

Running a business keeps you busy enough, without the added burden of building, maintaining, and dealing with the security of your company network.

Focus on your work, not on your network.

ScalIT gives you peace of mind by using multiple levels of industry leading software to provide superior network security. Company files and documents are stored in your own private cloud, which are regularly backed up and continually being monitored for viruses. Your ScalIT cloud resides in secure datacenters, with advanced server and power management. In fact, should any of your hardware fail, it is immediately replaced by redundant hardware set aside to jump into action when needed!

Let ScalIT keep you up to date.

ScalIT automatically updates your cloud with security updates and new application features. No longer will you have to buy updated server applications and individual user licenses every year when you need a recently introduced feature or security enhancement.

Reduce your spam.

ScalIT email servers continuously monitor your emails for spam using advanced heuristics and continuously updated screening techniques. While no spam reduction tool is perfect, ScalIT enables your users to train its servers when it makes a mistake. Take spam that accidentally gets through to your inbox, and put it in your spam folder, or, conversely, take email incorrectly marked as spam out of your spam folder and put it in your inbox. ScalIT email servers learn from your corrections, and, over time, get continually better and better at providing you with only valid email.

Be green.

Not only will you save on your own electric bill by not having to power your own servers and networking equipment, but you will also help reduce your companys overall carbon footprint. ScalIT servers reside in datacenters that use highly efficient equipment, and use advanced technology to consolidate resources and optimize efficiency.