SCALIT is Proud to Introduce Startup Connection

startup-connection-logoSCALIT is proud to introduce client (and associate) Startup Connection (  Startup Connection is a valuable resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Startup Connection helps entrepreneurs and small business owners maximize their capabilities and opportunities.  The site is full of resources geared towards helping entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures.  It includes:  articles on various aspects of running a business, free business templates, and much, much more.  Startup Connection offers consulting services geared towards small businesses and startups, with a team of experts in various fields, such as accounting, legal, general management, technology, and more.

SCALIT developed the site and online marketing program for Startup Connection.  In addition, Brian Weinberg is a member of the Startup Connection team of professionals, assembled to help startup business owners and entrepreneurs navigate through the difficult process of running and growing a business.

Startup Connection is currently offering visitors to its website a free, no obligation critique of their business’ elevator pitch.  An invaluable free tutorial on “How to Write a Winning Sales Pitch,” by Dr. Bert Shlensky, can be downloaded from, and used to help prepare an effective sales pitch for your business.  Once completed, your pitch can be submitted through the website for review by the team of experts, who will help you refine your pitch to be the best it can be.  Every entrepreneur needs to be able to market their business in order to succeed, yet many business owners have difficulty making a simple, concise sales pitch that can explain their business or product in 60 seconds or less.  Take advantage of this free offer before it goes away.

Please visit to learn more about the free articles, free templates, and other free tools provided to help your small business succeed and grow.  Then, be sure to submit your sales pitch to get your free critique.