Did Facebook Change your Email Address?

Recently, Facebook modified all user accounts to replace their profile email address with a new “Facebook” email address.  Unless you manually go into your Facebook preferences and change it back to your desired email address, email messages, alerts, and notices sent to you either through or by Facebook will no longer be delivered to you.  You need to either add your new Facebook address to your favorite email program, or you need to change it back to the email address you prefer.

To change the email address, you should click on the “About” link on the main Timeline page, then click on the “Edit” button next to the “Contact Info” box. Although you can change the email addresses that appear on your Timelines, the Facebook email address cannot be deleted, only hidden.

Facebook made this change in order to direct more communications through their servers.  This enables Facebook to better glean what interests you and how to market to you better.  All email that flows through these new accounts is indexed for just that purpose.

At ScalIT, we are always concerned about our customers’ privacy and security.  Your information always remains YOUR information.  Call today.

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